6’3” – 318 lbs. – 5.25e


2010: 6 – 2.0 – 1.0
2011: 8 – 0.0 – 0.0, 1 QBH
2012: 22 – 2.0 – 0.5, 1 PD


Was used sparingly during his freshman and sophomore seasons, but eventually worked his way into the starting lineup as a junior in 2011, starting Penn State’s first eleven games, a role he has reprised as a senior.


•    Overall build is highly impressive for a 4-3 nose tackle prospect.
•    Has an outstanding ability to shed blocks due to active hand use.
•    Scheme-versatile; could be a 4-3 nose tackle or 3-4 five-technique.
•    Strength allows him to re-establish a more favorable line of scrimmage.
•    Despite his size, gets low enough to win the leverage battle inside.
•    Uses a variety of different moves to confuse opposing offensive linemen.
•    Awareness and instincts prevent him from getting out of position.
•    More of a downhill player but also possesses an above-average anchor.
•    Consistently disruptive as a senior after underperforming previously.


•    Initial burst is only average and doesn’t necessarily explode off the line.
•    Has only been a productive player for one season and a starter for two.
•    Doesn’t have too much experience with two-gap responsibilities.
•    Height is slightly below-average for a five-technique defensive end.
•    Previously missed some time in his collegiate career due to injuries.
•    Was not productive over the course of his first three collegiate seasons.


Jones is an underrated prospect at this point in the evaluation process because of his underwhelming freshman-through-junior seasons, in which he struggled to distinguish himself. However, as a senior Jones has been borderline unblockable, with outstanding hand-usage, creativity, and power, establishing himself as one of the most disruptive interior linemen in the country. May not be quite as safe as former Nittany Lion Jared Odrick, but nonetheless projects as a starting-caliber defensive lineman. RD 1-2

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