6’4” – 308 lbs. – 5.15e


2009: 0 GP, 0 GS
2010: 13 GP, 13 GS
2011: 13 GP, 13 GS
2012: 13 GP, 13 GS


Sat out his true freshman season, then started eleven games at left tackle and two games at right tackle in 2010. He has since started all of the team’s subsequent games at left tackle and could conclude his college career with over 50 career starts. Graduate student.


•    Highly experienced player who has plenty of starts under his belt.
•    Assignment-sound and doesn’t make many mental errors.
•    Very aggressive blocker who shows a consistent mean streak.
•    Does a good job of sustaining his blocks in both facets of the game.
•    Can get to the second level and secure blocks on linebackers.
•    Has a strong, quick initial punch to jolt defenders off-balance.
•    Could realistically fit into either a man or zone blocking scheme.
•    Outstanding durability; has never missed a game in college.
•    Overall bulk is consistent with an NFL starter on the outside or inside.


•    Size and length are less than ideal for an offensive tackle prospect.
•    Lateral agility may not be enough to protect the edge in the NFL.
•    Has never played guard in college, his most likely pro position.
•    Footwork still gets sloppy at times and gets off-balance too often.
•    Probably lacks significant upside given his level of experience.


Offensive guards are becoming increasingly valuable at the pro level, with players like Kyle Long and Kevin Zeitler being drafted in the first round, so there is precedent for an experienced, versatile, mean player like Martin to be selected on the draft’s first day, but whoever chooses him would be taking a risk if they expect him to play tackle, the position he manned with the Irish. RD 1-2


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