6’6” – 318 lbs. – 5.30e


2010: 13 GP / 13 GS (RT)
2011: 12 GP / 12 GS (RT)
2012: 12 GP / 12 GS (RT)


Started all thirteen games at right tackle as a true freshman, a position he has occupied ever since, without missing a game to this point in his career; through his junior season, he had started thirty-seven games, and is on pace to graduate with 49-50 starts at right tackle.


•    Has an ideal amount of starting experience versus SEC competition.
•    Possesses prototypical size and bulk for a professional offensive tackle.
•    Has a powerful initial punch that can knock smaller players down.
•    Does a good job of staying with his man; not out of position too often.
•    Anchors easily against power rushers, surrendering little ground.
•    Overall awareness is above-average, generally knows who to block.
•    Moves a little bit better than most offensive linemen with his size.
•    Can handle double moves thanks to his overall bulk and length.
•    Already plays the position he’ll most likely play at the nex level.


•    Occasionally surrenders the edge because of a lack of lateral agility.
•    Abandons technique when matched up against quicker defensive ends.
•    Struggles to get to the second level and secure blocks versus linebackers.
•    Not a particularly good athlete, certainly not a potential left tackle.
•    More of a wall-off blocker than someone who will drive defenders back.
•    Probably restricted to inline blocking schemes at the next level.
•    Upside is probably limited due to having been a four-year starter.


At this point, James should be considered a known quantity owing to his extensive starting experience, with his NFL future likely coming as a reserve right tackle in an inline blocking scheme but potentially possessing the versatility to slide inside to guard, where his athleticism is probably better suited. His inability to line up on the left side, lack of experience playing guard, and zone-blocking incompatibility are constraining factors. RD 5-6


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