6’2” – 305 lbs. – 4.95e


Contributed immediately as a freshman in 2009, playing nose tackle and defensive end, but sat out almost all of the 2010 season with a pectoral injury. Re-entered the starting lineup as a redshirt sophomore, earning first-team All-Ivy League honors, a title he successfully defended as a junior.


•    Has been productive throughout his career, with plenty of experience.
•    Possesses adequate height and bulk for the defensive tackle position.
•    Versatile prospect who has played various positions along the line.
•    Initial burst is well above-average for his size, can win off the snap.
•    More athletic than anticipated given his size, possesses some range.
•    Has a powerful bull rush which allows him to reset the line of scrimmage.
•    Capable of closing on ballcarriers to seal the deal when given a chance.
•    Has a penchant for blocking kicks, creating a niche role at the pro level.


•    Production has come against a weak level of non-FBS competition.
•    Missed nearly the entire 2010 season with a pectoral injury.
•    Shorter than a prototypical five-technique, thinner than a typical nose.
•    Has a slightly top-heavy build, lower body needs a bit of work.
•    Needs to do a better job of locating the ball when defending the run.


An interesting prospect due to his versatile role at Princeton, Reid has played all over the line and doesn’t look too out of place athletically at the defensive end position, something that could enhance his value given the NFL’s recent trend of looking for oversized ends. Reid has been one of the best defensive players in the Ivy League in recent years, but due to the level of competition he’s played against, it’s fairly difficult to project how he’d hold up against a dramatically improved level of competition. Could fit in either an even or odd defensive front as a project. RD 5


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