6’2” – 330 lbs. – 5.30e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 6 – 0.0 – 0.0
2011: 29 – 3.0 – 1.5, 1 QBH
2012: 68 – 3.5 – 1.0


Redshirted in 2009, then contributed as a reserve defensive linemen in 2010, a role which carried over into the 2010 season before he earned a starting position for the final six games of the season. Became a full-time starter in 2012. Added twenty pounds of bulk as a senior, increasing his weight from 310 lbs. to 330.


•    Massive nose tackle prospect with rare size and bulk; really stands out.
•    Has been productive since stepping into a starting role in 2011.
•    Does a good job of re-establishing the line of scrimmage vs. the run.
•    Plays with a low center of gravity and can win the leverage battle.
•    Can anchor versus double teams without losing too much ground.
•    More athletic than the typical 330-pound nose tackle, has a little burst.
•    Could potentially lose some of the weight he gained to fit scheme.


•    Statistics are inflated by playing in one of the weaker conferences.
•    A little bit slow to disengage and make the tackle when run at.
•    Often reacts to play a little bit slow, allowing runners to get by him.
•    Arms may be a little bit on the short side, more of a stoutly-built lineman.
•    Doesn’t have too much experience against the best teams in the country.
•    Offers relatively little against the pass, occasionally gets pressure.


Carrethers is somewhat difficult to project, because he obviously possesses the size teams desire from a nose tackle, with three productive years of starting experience and above-average athleticism compared to other players his size, but he also tends to put himself in position to make a tackle and then fail to do so, whether because he’s a split-second late to react, or simply can’t disengage in time. The league’s shortage of quality nose tackles will inflate his stock, but it’s hard to see him developing into a quality starter. Will benefit from the “world theory.” RD 5


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