6’1” – 208 lbs. – 4.50e


2011: 11 – 0.0, 0.0, 2 PD
37 – 0.5 – 0.0, 1 FF, 4 PD, 4 INT


Played in a reserve capacity as a true freshman in 2011, contributing both on defense and on special teams. Started ten games for the Tide in 2012 as a sophomore, replacing Mark Barron.


•    Possesses prototypical height and length for the free safety position.
•    Rangy player who can cover a lot of ground in deep zone coverage.
•    Responsible center-fielder who generally takes conservative angles.
•    Fast enough to run with wide receivers down the field in coverage.
•    Has a smooth backpedal and looks fluid when changing directions.
•    Closes on ballcarriers very well, with impressive acceleration.
•    Effective ball skills with soft enough hands to make interceptions.
•    Has contributed on special teams units during his time with the Tide.


•    Was briefly suspended for accepting improper benefits from a coach.
•    Has a very thin build, will likely be asked to gain some additional weight.
•    Takes some questionable angles in run support, out of position too much.
•    Not a very reliable tackler, does try to wrap but isn’t very powerful.
•    Hasn’t really been asked to play in the box or line up in man coverage.
•    Probably limited to free safety due to his lack of bulk and of strength.


Clinton-Dix is a one-trick pony, but that trick, lining up deep in Alabama’s secondary to prevent any deep passes, is something he does very well thanks to his impressive combination of length, speed, fluidity, and ball skills. Teams who are seeking a versatile safety who can defend the run, cover receivers in the slot, or line up in the box as a strong safety should probably look elsewhere, as Clinton-Dix is a bit of a liability in run support, but he should ultimately be selected high in the draft, potentially as the first safety off the board, due to the lack of quality options at the position in the pro level. A likely first-round pick. RD 1-2


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