6’3” – 206 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 15 – 181 -4 (12.1)
2011: 41 – 778 – 5 (19.0)
2012: 94 – 1,323 – 8 (14.1)


Started the final game of his true freshman season, then led Vanderbilt in catches as a sophomore in 2011. Had one of the most productive SEC campaigns in history as a junior, with his 94 receptions tying for the second-most in one season, earning a First Team All-SEC selection.


•    Will graduate with three seasons of quality SEC starting experience.
•    Tall with long arms and a muscular build, certainly looks the part.
•    Polished route runner, gets separation on a variety of different routes.
•    Demonstrates good awareness of and footwork along the sideline.
•    Good runner with the ball in his hands, effective on screens and reverses.
•    Can elevate over defenders in jump-ball situations, impressive leaper.
•    Tracks the ball effectively over his shoulder on routes down the field.
•    Length and strength allows him to release versus press coverage.
•    Settles into soft spots in zone coverage rather than overrunning routes.
•    Has lined up both outside and in the slot, more natural outside.


•    Not as effective on slants as size and strength suggest, hears footsteps.
•    Drops a few passes too many, including some seemingly route throws.
•    Fast but not a true burner, may not run past defenders on fly routes.
•    Not the quality blocker his physical tools would suggest, may develop.
•    Has returned a few punts in college but probably won’t as a pro.


Matthews has been among the SEC’s most productive receiving options for the past two years, also contributing in a starting capacity in 2011. West Coast offenses may be interested in drafting him as an outside option due to his size, length, and underrated speed, but despite his starting experience he has to do a better job of blocking and of catching the ball with consistency, as his build suggests the potential to develop into a player similar to Anquan Boldin, but he currently lacks Boldin’s reliability, dropping too many passes, including the slant patterns he seems perfect for. RD 2

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