6’6” – 320 lbs. – 5.20e


2010: 1 – 0 – 0 (Redshirt) (DT)
2011: 20 – 2.5 – 1.0, 1 QBH (DT)
2012: 14 GP / 14 GS (LT)


Defensive lineman recruit out of high school. Redshirted in 2010 after suffering a season-ending back injury. Worked as a reserve/rotational defensive tackle in 2011, then transition to left tackle in the spring of 2012, starting all fourteen games.


•    Possesses ideal height and bulk for a professional offensive tackle.
•    Has gained twenty-five pounds of bulk since his freshman season.
•    In only his second year on the offensive line, is already a quality starter.
•    Despite his inexperience, exhibits good awareness in pass protection.
•    Demonstrates active hand use when employed in pass protection.
•    Does a nice job of keeping his legs moving while blocking for runners.
•    Consistently attacks an opponent’s shoulder when given the opportunity.
•    Capable of getting out to the second level to make blocks in the run game.
•    Could potentially fit into either a man-or-zone scheme at the next level.


•    Relatively inexperienced player who has only played tackle for two years.
•    Generally not a dominant run-blocker, although he has his moments.
•    Susceptible to inside moves as a run blocker or cutbacks in protection.
•    Can be knocked off-balance, fall to the ground a little bit too frequently.
•    Occasionally overextends and gets caught bending at the waist.
•    Season-ending back injury sustained in 2010 will require evaluation.


Erving only recently shifted to the offensive line, but has already established himself as an effective blindside protector. He complements his prototypical size, length, and bulk with above-average athleticism and is an assignment-sound player with good awareness in pass protection. At this point, his technique occasionally gets a little bit sloppy, and he’s not a dominant drive blocker in the run game despite his size, but he possesses considerable potential and should find a place in the first round given the NFL’s obsession with investing high picks in left tackles. Best in a zone blocking scheme. RD 1

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