6’5” – 305 lbs. – 5.25e


2010: 10 GP / 7 GS (RT)
2011: 13 GP / 13 GS (RT)
2012: 13 GP / 13 GS (RT)


Slid into the starting lineup as a right tackle for the final seven games of his freshman season, appearing in ten games overall. Started every game as a sophomore, then was named a first-team All-SEC selection as a junior. Slid to the left tackle spot for his senior season after Luke Joeckel left the team.


•    Has played on both sides of the offensive line during his college career.
•    Will graduate with nearly four years of quality starting experience.
•    Has great bloodlines; son of Hall of Fame pro tackle Bruce Matthews.
•    Adequate height for a pro left tackle with a fairly thick lower body.
•    Highly consistent thanks to his mental tools and overall technique.
•    His excellent grip strength allows him to lock on and sustain blocks.
•    Very technically sound with great footwork and a controlled kickslide.
•    Great anchor, can easily handle power rushers without ceding ground.
•    Impressive awareness in pass protection, always knows who to block.
•    Very balanced, hardly ever guilty of overextending/bending at the waist.
•    Capable of getting to the second level to secure a block on a linebacker.


•    Only started at left tackle for one season due to Luke Joeckel’s presence.
•    Doesn’t always display a killer instinct, much more of a technician.
•    Not a consistently dominant run blocker, whiffs vs. speed on occasion.
•    Can be susceptible to rushers taking a wide angle and redirecting inside.
•    Overall physical tools (size, athleticism) are certainly good but not elite.


Matthew is one of the most impressive prospects in the class, a polished four-year starter who possesses almost no weaknesses as a player. Physically, he may not be quite as gifted as his predecessor, Luke Joeckel, but his physical tools are certainly good enough to man the blindside position at the pro level, especially when factoring in his incredible consistency and outstanding technique. Matthews may have been a top-five pick had he declared last season, and will almost certainly be a top-ten selection this year. RD 1

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