6’4” – 214 lbs. – 4.90e


2010: 389 yards (62.5%, 8.1), 3 TD, 0 INT
2011: 2,634 yards (66.8%, 8.0), 16 TD, 5 INT
2012: 2,933 yards (67.2%, 9.3), 30 TD, 3 INT


Spent his 2010 season as a backup quarterback, then stepped into the starting lineup in 2011, leading the team to a BCS National Championship victory, something he did again as a junior. Second-team All-SEC in 2012.


•    Will graduate with an impeccable starting record over three years.
•    Level of play increased dramatically from his first to second season.
•    Possesses prototypical height for a passer, has bulked up from 190.
•    Demonstrates outstanding confidence and composure in key situations.
•    Does a great job of protecting the ball, rarely throws an interception.
•    Has a high release point, which he maintains even when throwing on run.
•    Overall delivery bears some resemblance to Hall of Famer Brett Favre’s.
•    Throws a nice spiral with good touch on his passes, even on the run.
•    Impressive accuracy to all levels, although relies on anticipation deep.
•    A more capable athlete than anticipated, has some elusiveness in pocket.


•    Has played behind some outstanding offensive lines loaded with pros.
•    Footwork appears slightly relaxed during dropbacks from under center.
•    Weight transfer is not ideal, a little bit too much weight on back foot.
•    Doesn’t have the strongest arm, relies on anticipation/touch downfield.
•    Overall velocity is not ideal, could struggle throwing into tight windows.
•    Won’t make teams account for his ability to gain yards on the ground.


McCarron will never be able to quiet concerns about his arm strength and the quality of his supporting cast while at Alabama, but of all of the quarterbacks in the draft, he possesses the best understanding of the nuances of the position and will graduate as one of the most successful starting quarterbacks in college history. Technically sound, he grades out very highly in terms of his mental tools and has drawn unwarranted criticism about his willingness to make the most efficient decision in a given situation. Finished product. RD 2

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