6’4” – 245 lbs. – 4.45e


2011: 10 – 207 – 1 (20.7)
2012: 40 – 625 – 4 (15.6)


Appeared in ten games as a freshman, then took over as the team’s starting tight end in 2012, starting eleven contests and earning second-team All-ACC honors.


•    Production has escalated in each of his three seasons with the Tar Heels.
•    Possesses adequate height and weight for a flex tight end option.
•    Lines up all over: inline, as an H-Back, in the slot, and in the backfield.
•    One of the fastest tight end prospects in recent memory, a true blazer.
•    Too fast for linebackers to cover, too big for defensive backs to cover.
•    Demonstrates suddenness in his routes, gains separation out of breaks.
•    Adjusts well to the ball in midair, can come down with acrobatic grabs.
•    Looks right at home lining up in the slot and attacking the seams.
•    Can run a variety of different routes: vertical, crosses, screens, fades.
•    Physical, aggressive with the ball in his hands, runs through arm tackles.


•    May not satisfy teams looking for a more conventional inline tight end.
•    Lacks great awareness in pass protection, isn’t a very good run blocker.
•    Hasn’t caught many touchdown passes, not a traditional red zone target.
•    Occasionally guilty of dropping routine, accurate passes (concentration?)
•    Confidence borders on arrogance, may rub some teams the wrong way.
•    Missed the Independence Bowl as a freshman due to academics.


Ebron is perfectly suited to the modern NFL, as the type of athletic chess piece that teams can line up all over the formation, relying on his speed to beat linebacker and his size to beat defensive backs. He gains a bunch of yards after the catch due to his athleticism and aggressiveness, and is generally a reliable receiver who can make the highlight catch. Teams won’t confuse him with a hulking inline option who offers a great deal as a blocker, but his value as a target far outweighs his lack of ideal blocking skills. The most athletic high-profile tight end prospect since Vernon Davis. RD 1

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