6’3” – 210 lbs. – 4.50e


2011: 3 – 29 – 0 (9.7)
2012: 77 – 1,018 – 11 (13.2)


Appeared in twelve games as a true freshman in a reserve role, then started all twelve games as a sophomore in 2012, earning first-team All-Big Ten honors.


•    Became a major contributor as a true sophomore, escalating production.
•    Possesses prototypical height and weight for a professional receiver.
•    Reliable hands, catches the throws he’s in position to come down with.
•    Understands the nuances of route-running, consistently gains separation.
•    Does a nice job of adjusting to the ball in mid-air in jump-ball situations.
•    Aware of the sidelines, does a nice job of keeping his feet inbounds.
•    Fairly agile, effective at gaining yards after the catch on designed screens.
•    Capable of producing either as an outside option or from in the slot.


•    Not a burner who will take the top off of defenses and demand brackets.
•    Production is inflated by unusually high volume of screen routes he runs.
•    Majority of his catches are short throws less than ten yards downfield.
•    Disappears for long stretches of games, not really a consistent presence.
•    Decent blocker but lapses in effort have cost the players he blocks for.


At this point, Robinson requires some considerable projection because Penn State’s offense favors short throws which obscure the talent of their wide receiver corps, including Robinson, by throwing plenty of screen passes but rarely risking a downfield throw. However, Robinson possesses few observable weaknesses, running his routes with precision and demonstrating reliable hands. He may not be quite the playmaker teams are looking for in a number one option, but it would come as a surprise if he never developed into a productive second receiver given his combination of size, route-running savvy, and reliable hands. RD 2

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