6’5” – 225 lbs. – 4.60e


2011: Redshirt
2012: 82 – 1,105 – 5 (13.5)


Redshirted in 2011, then took over as a thirteen-game starter in 2012, being named to the Freshman All-SEC team in the following season.


•    Massive prospect who presents a size mismatch against any cornerback.
•    Dangerous vertical threat, consistently comes down with jump balls.
•    Great whenever the play breaks down, does a nice job of improvising.
•    Quality blocker due to his physical advantages over defensive backs.
•    Outstanding body control down the sidelines, aware of the field of play.
•    Has a little bit of wiggle with the ball in his hands, breaks a lot of tackles.
•    Capable of leaping, ripping away passes from defenders in tight coverage.
•    Predictably wide catching radius given his height, length, and leaping.
•    Highly confident, plays with the swagger of a premier wide receiver.
•    Is able to get separation downfield, a true deep threat with great YPC.
•    Very physical both in terms of running with the ball or releasing.


•    Timed speed has the potential to significantly impact his draft stock.
•    Teams will likely raise questions about Evans’ ability to separate as a pro.
•    Not particularly sudden, a little bit of a build-up player in terms of speed.
•    Occasionally makes a concentration drop a relatively routine throw.


Evans is one of the most unstoppable weapons in college football, an absolutely massive target who Johnny Manziel has been able to target whenever the play breaks down and who consistently comes down with contested catches against tight coverage or in jump ball situations. Much has been made of a perceived lack of speed, but the receiver is averaging over twenty yards per catch as a redshirt sophomore and has shown better movement skills than he is given credit for. A better prospect than recent highly-regarded possession receivers such as Alshon Jeffery, Evans actually may have more in common with Jeffery’s teammate, Bears star Brandon Marshall. The type of massive target that any quarterback would love. RD 1

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