6’6” – 327 lbs. – 5.30e


2011: 12 GP / 0 GS (OL)
2012: 12 GP / 12 GS (LT)


Saw action in twelve games in a reserve capacity in 2011, primarily on special teams units, then took over as the team’s starting left tackle during his sophomore season, forcing eventual Miami Dolphins 2013 third-round pick Dallas Thomas to left guard.


•    Will graduate with two years of SEC starting experience at left tackle.
•    Massive, possesses oustanding height, bulk, and length for a tackle.
•    Forced third-rounder Dallas Thomas to shift to left guard last season.
•    Has an outstanding anchor, can easily handle power/bull rushers.
•    Is a quality run blocker, something of a brick wall when in position.
•    Does a good job of attacking his opponent’s shoulder to control them.
•    A little bit more nimble/laterally agile than expected given his size.
•    Gets good arm extension, doesn’t let defenders get inside on him.
•    Nice initial punch, can knock pass rushers off-balance with his power.


•    May ultimately be better-suited to the right tackle position as a pro.
•    Doesn’t offer much value to teams looking for zone-blocking personnel.
•    Lumbers a little when asked to get to the second level, pull for screens.
•    Overall awareness in pass protection can be questionable at times.
•    Not quick enough to recover when beat to the inside on passing downs.
•    Could be a little bit more active with his feet when blocking for runners.
•    Exploited by South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney this year.


A two-year starter at left tackle for the Volunteers, Richardson possesses desirable height, bulk, and length for teams seeking an inline tackle. He is a relatively polished player, with above-average athleticism considering his size and effective mirror skills in pass protection, contributing as an efficient run blocker as well. Richardson may ultimately be relegated to the right side as a pro, and he must improve his awareness in pass protection and deal with the inside rush better, but is a pretty consistent blocker with rare size. RD 1-2

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