6’1” – 210 lbs. – 4.60e


2011: Redshirt
2012: 3,706 yards (68.0%, 8.5), 26 TD, 9 INT (201 – 1,410 – 21 rushing)


Redshirted in 2011, then took over as the Aggies’ starting quarterback in 2012, becoming the first-ever freshman to win the Heisman trophy and breaking Cam Newton’s SEC record for total offense in a season.


•    Will graduate with two outstanding seasons of starting experience.
•    Submitted arguably the most successful freshman season of all time.
•    Plays with a special swagger, creating plenty of magic moments.
•    Unique, incredible ability to improvise once the play breaks down.
•    Seemingly never tackled by the first defender to have an angle on him.
•    A true dual-threat whose rushing ability demands constant respect.
•    Arm strength isn’t great but is capable of making throws to all levels.
•    Throws a nice spiral, whether in the pocket or while on the move.
•    More accurate than he is given credit for, nice placement to all levels.
•    Somehow manages to complete a high percentage despite risky play.


•    Undersized and may end up being smaller than official measurements.
•    Takes a lot of big hits, needs to do a better job of protecting his body.
•    A gunslinger whose irreverence may frustrate strict disciplinarians.
•    Arm strength is adequate for any throw but isn’t necessarily ideal.
•    Has benefited from being able to lob passes to Mike Evans downfield.
•    Has some character concerns interested teams will have to investigate.


Manziel is certainly an unorthodox quarterback, with a cocky, reckless style of play that involves taking constant risks and the occasional big hit, but it’s impossible to argue with the results. It seems like almost everything he does on the field is somehow successful, and his combination of escapability, elusiveness, and instincts make him a true playmaker. Teams looking for a conventional dropback passer should look elsewhere, but those willing to build their offense around his unique ability to extend plays and produce with his legs as well as with his arm could have a star. RD 1

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