6’5” – 235 – 5.10e


2009: Redshirt (Georgia)
2010: JUCO
2011: 92 yards (72.7%, 8.4), 1 TD, 0 INT
2012: 2,609 yards (58.8%, 7.4), 12 TD, 7 INT


Originally signed with Georgia, not appearing in any games that season and transferring to Butler Community College for the 2010 season, transferring to LSU afterwards. Appeared in five games for the Tigers in 2011, starting two. Took over the starting job as a junior in 2012.


  • Will graduate having started for two seasons in college football’s premier conference.
  • Really came into his own this season and started to play up to his considerable tools.
  • Possesses prototypical height and weight for a dropback passer at the pro level.
  • Has been playing in a true pro-style scheme under former pro coach Cam Cameron.
  • In Cameron’s offense, has been asked to execute plenty of difficult, pro-style passes.
  • Looks comfortable with his footwork when dropping back from under center.
  • Demonstrates a relatively quick release which generally comes over-the-top.
  • Has the arm strength to make every throw, can get it down the field with velocity.
  • Accurate passer when given a clean pocket to work with, remembers his mechanics.
  • Effective operating using play-action passes, does a nice job of selling his fakes.
  • Not mobile but can buy a little bit of time in the pocket, maneuver around the rush.
  • Looks composed against pressure, will remain in the pocket to make a throw.


  • Wasn’t particularly good last season, will graduate with only one quality campaign.
  • Originally transferred from Georgia after pleading guilty to a charge of sexual battery.
  • Relies on his arm strength a little bit too much, inconsistent weight transfer on throws.
  • Arm angle drops down at times, will occasionally sidearm the ball against pressure.
  • Can be a little bit of a gunslinger, will try to force throws into tight coverage at times.
  • Needs to learn to give up on the play sometimes, will try to make something of nothing.
  • Doesn’t offer anything as a runner, is the definition of a conventional dropback passer.


Mettenberger entered last season having been considered a potential future first-round pick, but he subsequently labored through a highly disappointing 2012 campaign which effectively relegated him to a late-round pick heading into this season. However, he has blossomed under former NFL coach Cam Cameron, demonstrating a refined command of Cameron’s pro-style offense and making plenty of pro-style throws downfield with velocity. He does need to reign in his gunslinger tendencies a bit, but it doesn’t require much imagination to project him to the next level. RD 1-2

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