6’4” – 210 lbs. – 4.60e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 42 – 527 – 7 (12.6)
2011: 61 – 943 – 10 (15.5)
2012: 100 – 1,248 – 11 (12.5)


Redshirted as a freshman in 2009, then started ten of thirteen games as a freshman, contributing as the team’s kick returner as well, both responsibilities carrying over into his sophomore season. Stopped returning kicks as a junior, but has maintained his starting position.


•    Highly productive player with four years of quality starting experience.
•    Fantastic size, possesses a natural advantage over smaller cornerbacks.
•    Size, length, and leaping ability translate to an impressive catch radius.
•    Does a great job of adjusting to the ball in mid-air for acrobatic catches.
•    Very reliable hands, catches what he should and some he shouldn’t.
•    Knows how to use his frame in order to shield defenders from the ball.
•    Has a little bit of elusiveness, can make the first man miss on occasion.
•    High-effort blocker who is often asked to help out on screens.
•    Also contributed to the Cougars as a reasonably effective kick returner.


•    Probably won’t be much of a deep threat, not a particularly fast player.
•    Production dipped significantly in 2013 after escalating in other years.
•    Takes a lot of big hits, needs to do a better job of protecting his body.
•    Despite having played there at BYU, does not project as a return option.
•    Underwent shoulder surgery prior to spring camp to repair torn muscle.
•    Probably doesn’t have much untapped potential after starting since 2010.


Teams looking for a reliable number two option for a West Coast offense could do worse than Hoffman, a big, savvy receiver who consistently makes acrobatic catches thanks to his soft hands and impressive catch radius. Because of his lack of speed, Hoffman may never get a ton of separation at the next level, but counterbalances that by using his frame well to shield the ball from defenders, making contested catches with regularity. Hoffman’s probably reached his ceiling, but is one of the more pro-ready receivers in this year’s draft class. RD 3-4

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