6’3” – 222 lbs. – 4.75e


2010: 1,639 yards (58.8%, 7.8), 14 TD, 13 INT
2011: 2,644 yards (62.2%, 7.6), 20 TD, 14 INT
2012: 3,823 yards (61.3%, 7.1), 31 TD, 15 INT


Started the final eight games on his freshman season, then took over the full-time starting role as a sophomore, starting eleven games. Set the Ohio Valley Conference passing record as a junior in 2012, earning some votes for the Walter Payton Award.


•    Highly productive passer with escalating production, four years of starting experience.
•    If he measures in at his listed height and weight, will be adequate for the position.
•    Has a particularly quick release, making him an impressive passer in the screen game.
•    Effective at operating the short passing game, accurate and gets the ball out in a hurry.
•    Puts appropriate touch on the ball, allowing his receivers to field the ball cleanly.
•    Throws a nice, tight spiral with consistency, especially over the middle of the field.
•    Generally makes pretty good decisions with the ball, chooses a target quickly.
•    Uses his timing to get the ball downfield, masking his lack of ideal arm strength.
•    Capable of eluding defenders in the pocket, although he’s not necessarily a runner.


•    Plays in a weak conference which has dramatically inflated his statistical output.
•    Listed at 6’2” but may actually be a little bit smaller; also has a particularly thin build.
•    Almost all of his work has come out of shotgun spread formations and on short routes.
•    Doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket, hyperactive footwork and leaves preemptively.
•    Drops his eyes when he leaves the pocket, rather than looking downfield for receivers.
•    Hasn’t made too many throws outside of the hash marks, predominantly over middle.
•    Needs to do a better job of protecting the football, has been intercepted frequently.


Garoppolo has received plenty of hype as a potential starting-caliber quarterback, but it’s hard to evaluate him because of his level of competition. Physically, his tools are adequate, and he possesses one of the fastest releases in the class, if not the fastest. He throws a pretty ball, especially over the middle of the field, where he does most of his work in the team’s shotgun spread offense. However, he’s typically making easy throws in the short-to-intermediate range with defenders three or four yards away, giving him huge windows. He also seems to have a lot of trouble maintaining his composure when the pocket breaks down, doing his most productive work when given plenty of room to operate. Actually bears more than a passing resemblance to Drew Brees. RD 3

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