6’3” – 205 lbs. – 4.55e


2010: Cerritos Community College
2011: 12 – 0.0 – 0.0, 1 PD (FS)
2012: N/A


Spent his first season at Cerritos Community College before transferring to Utah. Played in five games in 2011, starting one at free safety versus Southern California; missed the rest of the season with a shoulder injury, as well as the following season while recovering from the subsequent surgery. Ended up transitioning from free safety to cornerback in 2013.


•    Possesses an outstanding combination of height, bulk, and length for a cornerback.
•    Was a free safety in high school; also played there through his 2011 campaign at Utah.
•    Movement skills are impressive given size, can stick with receivers down the sidelines.
•    Plays both man and zone coverage at Utah, could possibly do a bit of both in the pros.
•    Backpedal actually looks pretty good despite playing free safety until rather recently.
•    Decent tackler, generally limits a receiver’s yards-after-catch to a modest amount.
•    Works as a jammer on punts, although he may not be good enough to do it in the NFL.
•    Has also been asked to cover kicks, although gap responsibility has been inconsistent.
•    Managed to stay healthy throughout his senior year, earning some recognition for play.


•    Hasn’t been on the field too much due to what was evidently a serious shoulder injury.
•    Long-limbed but isn’t able to effectively press receivers, whiffs far too often on jams.
•    Not targeted excessively, but allows a fairly high rate of completions when tested.
•    Even with tight coverage, doesn’t display consistent timing to make plays on the ball.
•    Is susceptible to quicker breaks, tends to give up too much separation on curls, etc.
•    Doesn’t have much of a presence in run defense, tends to defer to other players in area.
•    A bit older than your typical rookie, will be twenty-five by the time of the NFL Draft.


McGill, a four-star safety recruit, never quite had the college career he was anticipated to, suffering a shoulder injury which ended up sidelining him for most of 2011 and all of 2012, effectively limiting him to just over one season of playing experience, which ended up coming at cornerback rather than safety. A tall, long-limbed, and athletic defensive back, McGill’s physical tools could interest teams at either position he’s played, although he is not an outstanding cover man or run defender. Should he check out medically, teams seeking a developmental reserve with some upside may target him late, although he is a bit older than a typical prospect. His medical evaluation will also be important.

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