6’6” – 244 lbs. – 4.75e


2011: 33 – 7.0 – 5.5, 14 QBH, 1 FF, 2 PD
2012: Redshirt (Transfer)


Played for Notre Dame as a freshman, appearing in twelve games and starting six at defensive end. Quit the team and transferred to South Florida afterwards, reportedly due to his aggressive, violent temperament both on and off the field, as well as a desire to play in Florida.


•    Would be entering the draft with two seasons of quality starting experience.
•    Tall with long limbs, previously played at 265 pounds during his time with the Irish.
•    Has experience rushing out of two-point, three-point, and four-point stances.
•    Athletic player who has dropped into coverage on some occasions, looks decent.
•    Can win inside with his burst off the snap, but also uses a swim move well outside.
•    Generally one of the first players to react to the ball being snapped, if not the first.
•    Has a pretty high motor as a pass rusher, will use his hands to shed when engaged.
•    Pretty creative rusher, doesn’t have too many moves but mixes them up regularly.
•    Tall enough and active enough to bat down some passes at the line of scrimmage.
•    Seems to have made some strides in terms of keeping his emotions under control.


•    Major character concerns, aggressiveness/ego alienated teammates at Notre Dame.
•    Production is somewhat inconsistent, had some big games and some forgettable ones.
•    Weighed 265 pounds at Notre Dame but is now very thin after losing over twenty.
•    Not a very strong player, can be knocked off-balance by chip blocks from backs.
•    Ends up on the ground too much, usually while trying to bend the edge as a rusher.
•    Doesn’t do a great job with leverage, height gives him trouble in terms of getting low.
•    Not someone who can be relied on to anchor against the run, one-gap disruptor.
•    Can be sucked inside as a run defender, surrendering backside contain at times.


Lynch is a tall, long-limbed pass rusher who gets off the line of scrimmage quickly and can win either outside or, more commonly, inside with his excellent reaction times and overall athleticism. He should draw interest from teams running both even and odd defensive fronts, although any interested team will have a considerable background/character investigation on their hands before drafting him, as he was reportedly not popular among his teammates at Notre Dame because of his ego and unpredictable demeanor, eventually leaving the school after a fight with a teammate. Given some of the negative attention players such as Richie Incognito have brought their teams recently, organizations may be hesitant to bring him into their locker room despite his natural talents. Not unlike Devin Taylor.

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