6’1” – 198 lbs. – 4.60e


2010: 83 – 4.0 – 0.0, 1 FF, 1 FR, 5 PD, 2 INT
2011: 80 – 2.0 – 0.0, 1 FF, 4 PD, 3 INT, 1 BK
2012: 106 – 2.5 – 1.0, 1 FF, 4 PD, 4 INT


Started eight of the twelve games he appeared in as a true freshman, leading the team in tackles. Started eleven of twelve games played as a sophomore, then did the same in 2012, being named to the All-Pac-12 Second Team.


•    Has four increasingly-productive seasons of starting experience under his belt.
•    Possesses impressive height for the position; also has added more bulk every year.
•    Plays free safety, but his size/temperament may make him a better strong safety.
•    Works in the slot fairly frequently, typically assigned man coverage against a receiver.
•    Size/length may convince some teams that he is a candidate to cover tight ends.
•    Aggressive in run support, very proactive in coming up and trying to make a tackle.
•    Solid ball skills; has increased his interception total in each successive season.
•    Doesn’t blitz too much in college but seems like he’d be well-suited to that role.
•    Non-stop motor allows him to work his way into a few extra plays in each game.
•    Has worked on special teams as well; blocked a kick in 2011, works on punt coverage.


•    Speed is only adequate for the position, may need to transition to strong safety.
•    Commits to the run too quickly, making him susceptible to misdirection/play-action.
•    Focuses too much on shooting gaps vs. the run, taking dangerous angles for a safety.
•    Impatience ultimately makes him an unreliable option as a team’s last line of defense.
•    Thin; willing to take on opposing blocks but often ends up being completely wiped out.
•    Has been asked to defend receivers and tight ends but doesn’t do a great job of it.
•    Uses tackling technique at times, can make the big hit, but misses too many attempts.


Bucannon’s size, length, and production are intriguing, but unfortunately there are plenty of flaws in his game which consequently make him difficult to recommend. His aggressiveness in run support tends to work to his team’s detriment, as the defense loses its last line of defense; additionally, his effectiveness in that area is limited, as he takes inconsistent angles, struggles to handle blocks, and misses plenty of tackles. He has soft hands which allow him to make plays on passes, but his speed and instincts in coverage leave a lot to be desired and limit the amount of throws he can impact. At this point, it’s hard to recommend him as anything other than a developmental reserve with lots of work to do and no clear pro position.

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