5’11” – 200 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 2 – 0.0 – 0.0, 1 PD
2011: 17 – 0.5 – 0.0, 1 QBH, 5 PD, 1 INT
2012: 51 – 1.0 – 0.0, 1 FF, 4 PD, 2 INT


Played on special teams as a freshman, then appeared in eleven games as the team’s dime back as a sophomore in 2011. Stepped into the starting lineup in 2012, starting all fourteen games at free safety, the position he played as a senior.


•    Will graduate having spent two seasons as a starter for a major college program.
•    Production escalated in each season with the Seminoles; had best year as a senior.
•    Possesses adequate height for a pro free safety prospect, with above-average bulk.
•    Has also made quality special teams contributions, particularly as a freshman.
•    On-field temperament is impressive, plays with swagger, physicality, and aggression.
•    Explosive acceleration, gets up to top speed quickly once he’s diagnosed the play.
•    Takes on blocks well, often initiates contact and can knock blockers off-balance.
•    Typically a good tackler, technique can get a little bit sloppy but has burst/power.
•    Has displayed an affinity for rushing the passer off of the edge during his senior year.


•    Gets a little bit too aggressive at times, running himself out of position to make a play.
•    Plays free safety but looks more comfortable playing downhill as a run defender.
•    Surprisingly, hasn’t really been asked to line up in deep coverage with much frequency.
•    Played in the dime as a sophomore, but isn’t usually assigned to cover slot receivers.
•    Physicality and aggression occasionally lead to otherwise avoidable penalties.
•    May seek out a bit too much contact in terms of taking on blocks he could avoid.
•    Should he convert to the strong side, would be a bit undersized to cover tight ends.


At this point, Brooks must be considered a more effective run defender than coverage safety, as his most impressive contributions to the team have come as a downhill threat. His intensity, passion, and energy are all qualities which stand out immediately and persist throughout the game, with his ideal mental attributes being perhaps his greatest asset as a player. Physically, Brooks appears to have something of a squat build, with impressive acceleration and solid top-end speed. It would have been nice to see him assume more coverage responsibilities, both in high zones and in the slot, but based on his run defense and special teams play alone, he warrants early consideration, especially in a draft class which is not considered particularly strong at the position. May eventually end up converting to strong safety.

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