6’3” – 321 – 5.30e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 13 GP / 0 GS
2011: 13 GP / 13 GS (LG)
2012: 13 GP / 13 GS (LG)


Redshirted as a freshman, then appeared as a reserve in all thirteen games in 2010. Took over as the team’s starting left guard in 2011, starting all thirteen games. Fulfilled the same role in 2012. Had some minor knee and neck injuries in 2013. Graduate student.


•    Experienced player; three seasons of quality starting experience for a major program.
•    Possesses adequate height for a pro guard, as well as impressive bulk for the position.
•    Explodes into contact, has an effective initial punch when blocking in the run game.
•    Aggressive, nasty player who exhibits a mean streak and relishes recording pancakes.
•    Effective run blocker, gets leverage, keeps legs churning, and drives defenders back.
•    Patient in pass protection, waits for the rush develop rather than seeking out defenders.
•    Bulk and strength allow him to anchor well against opposing bull rushers in pass pro.
•    Has been asked to execute a pretty wide range of run-blocking assignments in college.
•    Intelligent, well-spoken player who commits few mental errors; is a graduate student.


•    Combine measurements are important; height must be confirmed, arms may be short.
•    Not one of the most mobile players, although he exhibits some short-area quickness.
•    Perhaps because of scheme, isn’t asked to get to the second level with regularity.
•    Probably a better fit for another inline blocking scheme rather than a transition to zone.
•    Can occasionally be knocked back a bit in pass protection by explosive bull rushers.
•    Injuries sustained as a senior will draw increased medical scrutiny at the NFL Combine.


Watt’s professional future will be limited to working as an offensive guard, probably in an inline blocking scheme, but he possesses the potential to develop into an effective starter there at the next level, with impressive bulk for the position and outstanding mental tools. He is intelligent, tough, and aggressive, able to consistently create a push while run blocking while demonstrating good awareness in pass protection. He is as polished as you’d expect given the time he spent in Brian Kelly’s program, although he was originally recruited by, and redshirted for, Charlie Weis as the number two offensive guard ranked by Rivals. A safe prospect, although his upside is somewhat limited given his experience/athletic limitations.

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