6’3” – 304 lbs. – 5.15e


2009: 13 GP / 13 GS (LT)
2010: N/A (Mormon mission)
2011: N/A (Mormon mission)
2012: 14 GP / 14 GS (LG)


Started all thirteen games at left tackle as a true freshman, then spent the following two years on a Mormon mission. Returned to school in 2012, starting all fourteen games at left guard and being named an All-Pac-12 First Team selection, which he was a member of in 2013 as well.


•    Would be leaving school with three seasons of quality Pac-12 starting experience.
•    Spent the past two seasons at left guard, but also spent 2009 as UCLA’s left tackle.
•    Even in 2013, spent a considerable amount of his snaps at left tackle rather than guard.
•    Quick off the snap, explosive enough to get to the second level and block linebackers.
•    Often asked to pull for screens in the passing game, possesses above-average range.
•    Feisty, physical player who plays through the whistle and isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit.
•    Puts a lot into his initial punch, helping him begin blocks in an advantageous position.
•    Has a pretty advanced kickslide given his time at tackle, controlled if somewhat slow.


•    Combination of height and bulk is only adequate for a professional offensive guard.
•    Given his starting experience, still commits a staggering amount of mental errors.
•    A bit inconsistent in pass protection, has some trouble vs. quicker, one-gap rushers.
•    Can be embarrassed by explosive rush moves when attacking rather than waiting.
•    Must be more patient in pass pro; aggressiveness causes him to miss delayed blitzes.
•    Aggressiveness also causes him to overrun some defenders when pulling for screens.
•    Doesn’t sustain blocks for very long, better at chipping and getting to the second level.
•    Is a junior but isn’t any younger than other prospects due to two-year Mormon mission.


Su’a-Filo has received plenty of hype as a possible second-day selection, possibly because his above-average movement skills allow him to pull for screens as well as in the run game, but at this point he should be considered a developmental backup at best owing to his highly inconsistent play. Defenders have been consistently able to take advantage of his aggressiveness, particularly in pass protection, where his struggles versus speed are glaring despite having played plenty of left tackle at his time at UCLA. It’s possible that Su’a-Filo could eventually contribute to a pro team, but for now he projects as a swing reserve.

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