6’6” – 314 lbs. – 5.00e


2010: 13 GP / 12 GS
2011: 14 GP / 14 GS
2012: 15 GP / 15 GS


Started in twelve of thirteen games as a true freshman, then all fourteen games as a sophomore in 2011. Started every game again (fifteen in total) as a junior, being named to the All-Missouri Valley Football Conference first team.


•    Will be entering the draft with four years of college starting experience under his belt.
•    Possesses good height and bulk for a lineman, although his arms may be a bit short.
•    Mobile with surprising top speed, will pursue defenders downfield on long runs.
•    Works through the whistle, which sometimes results in overcoming an initial mistake.
•    Aggressive player who has the temperament and power to finish in the run game.
•    Gets good arm extension as a run blocker, keeps his feet churning after initial contact.
•    Despite mechanical issues, is fairly effective at getting to the edge when pass blocking.
•    Didn’t look too out-of-place against FBS competition (see Kansas State game in 2013.)
•    Low level of competition may convince coaches that they can mold his raw talent.


•    Overall level of competition at North Dakota St. has been generally unimpressive.
•    Weight distribution is a bit strange, his upper-body is significantly more developed.
•    Arm length could force him to move inside, where he is a bit taller than you’d like.
•    Has some awkward, inconsistent kickslide mechanics; needs to work on footwork.
•    Distributes too much weight backwards while moving, bends at waist on contact.
•    Occasionally has some trouble identifying which defender to block in pass protection.
•    Whiffs on too many blocks, overruns targets by getting too aggressive in the run game.
•    Needs to do a better job of keeping his head up when initiating contact vs. defenders.


Turner has four seasons of starting experience under his belt, but hasn’t been exposed to much quality competition at North Dakota St. At this point, he complements his height with impressive mobility, with a strong work ethic, and with an aggressive on-field demeanor. However, the team which drafts him will have to break many of the bad habits he’s developed, as his overall footwork, balance/weight distribution, and awareness need plenty of work. Those flaws, combined with the fact that he will have to make a substantial leap in the level of competition he’s facing, not to mention potentially transition to a different position, make him a risky long-term developmental prospect who likely won’t contribute anything for years.

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