6’3” – 220 lbs. – 4.90e


2009: N/A (Nevada)
2010: Monterey Peninsula C.C.
2011: Monterey Peninsula C.C.
2012: 4,193 yards (72.5%, 9.3 YPA), 33 TD, 9 INT
2013: 4,189 yards (64.1%, 8.6 YPA), 33 TD, 13 INT


Began his college career at Nevada, but ended up transferring to Monterey Peninsula Community College after one year, where he played in 2010 and 2011. Transferred to San Jose St. for the 2012 season, earning All-WAC Second Team honors.


•    Was productive over both of his seasons as the starting quarterback at San Jose St.
•    Confident player who’s not afraid to give his receivers a chance to make a play.
•    Has a pretty quick release, can get the ball out in a timely manner on screens, etc.
•    Throws a nice, tight spiral with consistency, can get velocity on his outside throws.
•    Hasn’t been limited to easy completions, does a lot of work outside of the hashes.
•    Not a passer who locks in on his first target, makes some throws to secondary reads.
•    Capable of throwing on the move, can still push it downfield from outside the pocket.
•    Has a little bit of mobility, able to elude far more defenders on the move than expected.
•    Doesn’t give up on the possibility of making a throw when on the run, keeps looking.


•    Was not as efficient as a senior, accuracy and yards-per-attempt figures fell somewhat.
•    Looks like he may end up being a bit smaller than his official measurements (6’2”?)
•    Posted impressive accuracy numbers but sprays the ball at times, erratic placement.
•    Completion percentage has been inflated by throwing a high volume of screens.
•    Gunslinger mentality leads him to attempt throws when he should get rid of the ball.
•    Lines up in the shotgun on almost every play, hasn’t really worked from under center.
•    Footwork is pretty sloppy, doesn’t transfer his weight consistently, poor positioning.
•    Ball security issues when hit could potentially be caused by having small hands.


Fales enjoyed two productive seasons as a starter for the Spartans after things didn’t work out at Nevada. Working in a shotgun spread offense, he throws a nice, tight spiral with good velocity, getting rid of the ball quickly with solid throwing mechanics. However, his numbers have been inflated by the number of screens he throws, with erratic overall ball placement, especially further downfield. Teams will also be turned off by his scheme, footwork, and gunslinger mentality, which causes him to attempt some throws he shouldn’t try. Actually bears a somewhat striking resemblance to New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

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