5’11” – 202 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 19 – 303 – 3 (16.0), 2 rush TD
2011: 31 – 430 – 2 (13.9)
2012: 32 – 493 – 7 (15.4)


Started two of the thirteen games he appeared in as a true freshman in 2010, also functioning as the team’s top kick returner. Started ten of twelve games played as a sophomore in 2011, then all eleven games he appeared in over 2012, leading the team in receiving yardage.


•    Three-year starter with escalating production each year, culminating in big senior year.
•    Able to somewhat compensate for his average height via his relatively impressive bulk.
•    Combination of speed and explosiveness forces defenses to respect the deep ball.
•    Can be dangerous after the catch when targeted on screens, short hitches, curls.
•    Effective lead blocker on screens, stronger than he looks and gets consistent push.
•    Demonstrates a high motor as a blocker, will look for a second man after first block.
•    Capable of maintaining possession of the ball while absorbing contact from defenders.
•    Exhibits good awareness of the sideline, effectively controls his body on the outside.
•    Had some success running the ball as a true freshman, scored a couple of touchdowns.
•    Also has some experience as a kick returner, primarily during his true freshman season.


•    A bit shorter than your typical receiver, may be forced to transition inside as a pro.
•    Tends to have trouble coming down with contested catches in congested areas.
•    Runs a somewhat simplified route tree at Oregon, especially in terms of short patterns.
•    Hasn’t been asked to run many routes over the middle of the field, absorb contact.
•    May have some trouble separating against press-man coverage at the next level.
•    Must improve awareness vs. zone, ends up running himself into coverage at times.


At 5’11” and 202 pounds, Huff plays on the outside for the Ducks but may be a more natural fit as a slot receiver in the NFL, as he could have difficulty releasing against press coverage. At Oregon, he offers the team the threat of a deep pass, but many of his catches come via short curls and other throws designed to get the ball into his hands quickly. His most impressive college contributions actually came as a blocker, particularly as the lead blocker on screens, where he has been effective at driving defenders back or even executing cut blocks. The fact that he has contributed as a kick returner will also help him. However, he does not do much work over the middle of the field, and must improve his awareness vs. zone and diversify his route tree in order to become a more well-rounded option in the slot.

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