5’10” – 170 lbs. – 4.35e


2010: 45 – 401 – 0 (8.9)
2011: 51 – 877 – 7 (17.2)
2012: 53 – 957 – 9 (18.1)
2013: 33 – 824 – 8 (25.0)


Started in four of the thirteen games he played as a freshman, earning some academic distinctions as well. Started seven games in the slot in 2011 of a total of thirteen games played. Started twelve of thirteen games as a junior, but season ended early in 2013 due to a dislocated wrist.


•    Was productive in all four seasons he spent with the Bears, with escalating production.
•    Height is at least adequate for a slot receiver, where he has usually lined up at Baylor.
•    A true burner who represents a constant big-play threat which defenses must respect.
•    Can separate from man coverage downfield, had success on go, post, wheel routes.
•    Explosive leaper, vertical was reportedly measured at 45.5”, helping negate height.
•    Capable of gaining yards after the catch on screens, impressive burst, fairly elusive.
•    Mindful about protecting his body, will go to the ground preemptively to avoid contact.
•    Has previously been praised by Baylor’s coaching staff for his leadership qualities.


•    Will be limited to the slot at the next level, not someone who should line up outside.
•    Doesn’t catch the ball well, has small hands and drops far too many catchable balls.
•    Runs himself into coverage against zone, rather than settling down into soft spots.
•    Route tree is limited, especially in terms of the amount of work he does over the middle.
•    Ability to separate downfield could be limited if he can’t release versus press coverage.
•    Doesn’t have experience as a return option, where he may be expected to contribute.
•    Hurt his wrist as a senior and ended up missing a significant portion of the season.
•    Overall durability will be questioned due to combination of injury and lack of bulk.


As a senior, Reese was in the midst of his most impressive season before injuring his wrist and being lost for the season. The injury will not help allay concerns about how his frame will hold up at the next level, but at this point what he offers should be clear: a deep threat who is capable of separating downfield for big plays, with the occasional screen mixed in. Other than that, there is plenty of work to be done, especially in terms of his awareness versus zone and on his route tree, which currently doesn’t feature much of anything over the middle, where he would be exposed to more contact. Not having returned kicks or punts may affect value.

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