6’2” – 222 lbs. – 4.60e


2010: 20 – 101 – 1 (5.1)
2011: 78 – 539 – 7 (6.9)
2012: 40 – 270 – 2 (6.8)


Started one of ten games played as a true freshman, then started one of twelve as a sophomore in 2011. Season ended in the third week of the 2012 season.


•    Massive running back who’s taller and bulkier than the vast majority of prospects.
•    Has very little tread on his tires after getting stuck behind some impressive backs.
•    Didn’t receive many opportunities but was efficient when he was on the field.
•    Determined runner who can push the pile and pick up yards after initial contact.
•    Patient but doesn’t waste time hitting the hole or dancing around in the backfield.
•    Has pretty good vision, capable of finding a crease in the line and cutting upfield.
•    Not fast but is a smooth player, capable of getting to the edge on stretch runs.
•    Has a good stiff arm, which he has used in order to overpower smaller defenders.


•    Never really contributed much in college, one of the least productive backs in the class.
•    Won’t make many defenders miss, must rely on his vision and power to be productive.
•    Not an explosive player, plays with just one speed and lacks home-run-hitting ability.
•    Height makes it difficult to get low and consequently to protect his body from contact.
•    Doesn’t really contribute anything as a receiver, or at least hasn’t been used there.
•    Suffered a season-ending knee injury just three games into his breakout year, 2012.


Blue is difficult to evaluate because he simply didn’t receive very much playing time at Louisiana St., having been stuck behind more talented running backs for much of his career and having sustained a season-ending knee injury in the third week of the 2012 season, where he was expected to see an expanded role. That said, his combination of size and bulk, along with his ability to consistently fall forward and pick up a few yards after contact may give him a chance to compete for a roster spot during training camp. He is a little bit faster and smoother than anticipated, although he certainly won’t draw much consideration for teams looking for a dynamic option on the ground. He has very little tread on his tires, but did blow out his knee, which, combined with the amount of body shots he takes as a function of his height, will likely prevent him from being drafted.

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