6’0” – 235 lbs. – 4.60e


2010: 24 – 141 – 0 (5.9)
2011: 106 – 566 – 6 (5.3)
2012: 185 – 970 – 16 (5.2)


Initially spent a semester at Fork Union Military Academy to become academically eligible. Appeared in seven games as a true freshman. Ranked third on the team in rushing yards as a sophomore. Missed two games with an ankle injury as a junior but was nonetheless a second-team All-Big Ten selection that year. Was suspended for the first three games of his senior season after an incident at a bar (video available), although he was never charged with a crime.


•    Production escalated in each season culminating in his outstanding 2013 campaign.
•    Doesn’t have too much tread; only averaged about 200 touches a year in 2012-2013.
•    Has an outstanding combination of size, bulk, and strength for a running back prospect.
•    Almost never ends up being brought down by the first defender to hit him on a play.
•    Can easily run through arm tackles, force defenses to swarm him to make the tackle.
•    Patient when it comes to waiting for rushing lanes to develop on interior attempts.
•    When running between tackles, does a nice job of pushing the pile for modest gains.
•    The type of back who becomes increasingly effective as he wears down opponents.
•    Quality pass-protector with sound awareness, can sustain his blocks well to buy time.
•    Took most of his snaps from the shotgun but may be better from different formations.


•    Takes some time to accelerate to his top speed; even then, isn’t particularly fast.
•    Bounces runs outside more often than he should given his power, limited athleticism.
•    Usually needs some time to wear down opponents before he starts breaking free.
•    Didn’t really do much work as a receiver, will probably come the field on third downs.
•    Probably doesn’t offer much value to teams seeking backs for zone-blocking schemes.
•    Minor legal incident, early academic issues may warrant some further investigation.


Hyde has received some outrageous draft projections recently, but although he doesn’t warrant consideration until late on the second day, he does possess impressive size, runs with some power which he complements with patience and vision, and is also an impressive pass protector. Inline teams which want a reliable workhorse who can tire out defenses over the course of a game could certainly do worse than Hyde, who makes defenders work to tackle him and is capable of pushing the pile in short-yardage and goal-line situations. However, he isn’t the type of back who’s going to provide offenses with a true home-run threat.

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