5’10” – 200 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 77 – 437 – 2 (5.7) (Penn St.)
2011: 244 – 1,241 – 7 (5.1)
2012: 167 – 905 – 9 (5.4) (Southern California)
2013: 81 – 376 – 1 (4.6)


Began his college career at Penn State, where he finished second in rushing yards as a true freshman. Earned All-Big Ten second team honors after starting eleven of thirteen games as a sophomore in 2011. Transferred to Southern California prior to the 2012 season and started six of twelve games played, working in a rotation. Only appeared in six games as a senior due to a knee injury.


•    Played in a rotation with the Trojans, but was still productive in his first season there.
•    Possesses an adequate combination of height and weight for a pro running back.
•    Makes smooth cuts, physically is a back who may have more value for zone teams.
•    Has some shake to his game, is capable of making the first man miss on occasion.
•    Fast enough to break big runs from time to time, has some burst once he’s in the open.
•    Capable of beating defenders to the edge in order to pick up chunks of yardage.
•    Tends to fall forwards at the end of most of his runs, determined if not powerful.
•    Despite lack of power, can still gain some separation from defenders via stiff-arm.


•    Only put together one season as a feature back, and one more as a major contributor.
•    Dances around too much rather than hitting the hole immediately, limiting his yardage.
•    When it comes to lowering the shoulder, doesn’t offer much; not a great power option.
•    Inconsistent on a play-to-play basis, relies on bigger gains to make up for mistakes.
•    Didn’t produce much as a receiver in any of his college seasons, was strictly a runner.
•    Also didn’t receive too many reps in pass protection, limiting appeal on third-down.
•    Hurt his knee as a senior in 2013, missing extended time; was nicked up in 2012, too.


Redd’s star was brightest following his impressive 2011 campaign, but in deciding to leave Penn St. following the Sandusky scandal, he limited himself to appearing as part of a rotation rather than continuing his role as a feature back. However, that he does not project as a starter is not based so much on that as on his lack of ideal bulk, his tendency to dance behind the line of scrimmage, and the infrequency with which he was asked to block or catch the ball. Injuring his knee in 2013 also did some significant damage to his stock. Late-round candidate.

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