5’11” – 187 lbs. – 4.55e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 14 – 0.0 – 0.0
2011: 68 – 1.0 – 0.0, 8 PD, 1 INT
2012: 75 – 1.5 – 0.0, 1 FF, 13 PD, 3 INT
2013: 61 – 3.5 – 1.0, 2 FF, 2 FR (2 TD), 4 PD, 6 INT


Redshirted in 2009, then played in twelve games as a redshirt freshman, tying for the team lead in special-teams tackles. Started all twelve games as a sophomore in 2011, replacing the injured Brandon Hardin. Appeared in thirteen games as a junior, then did the same this past season, earning second-team all-conference honors.


•    Will graduate with three years of starting experience in a major college conference.
•    Possesses an above-average combination of height, bulk for a cornerback prospect.
•    Impressive mental tools; is a competitive, hard-working player with physical demeanor.
•    Overall backpedal technique looks controlled, if a bit leggy due to his long limbs.
•    Pattern recognition skills regularly put him in position to make a play on the ball.
•    Was able to get his hands on plenty of passes, culminating in a six-pick senior year.
•    Willing run supporter who displays solid wrap tackling fundamentals, decent power.
•    Quality goal-line defender who can prevent both the short slant and the fade route.
•    Does a good job against inside breaking routes in general: slants, posts, crosses, etc.
•    Versatile; has played some man, some zone, and some shuffle-technique in school.
•    Has also contributed as an effective special-teams player, covering kicks and punts.


•    Lacks exceptional acceleration, isn’t one of the most explosive cornerback prospects.
•    Top-end speed is also merely adequate, relies much more on recognition/technique.
•    Can get out-of-control at times, creating too much contact, could cause interference.
•    Gives up a little bit too much separation on quick breaks, especially against curls.
•    In run support, tends to position himself a bit too wide, creating considerable holes.


A three-year starter, Reynolds plays with a physical, aggressive temperament, complementing his solid physical attributes with refined technique, impressive pattern-recognition, and quality ball skills. Having been asked to execute various different coverages, he should appeal to a wide range of teams, although he possesses only adequate acceleration and top-end speed, limitations which will be more difficult to mask vs. pro receivers. Possible starting RCB.

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