6’2” – 208 lbs. – 4.55e


2011: 43 – 3.0 – 1.0, 2 FF, 5 PD, 2 INT
2012: 99 – 2.5 – 1.0, 1 QBH, 4 FF, 1 FR, 5 PD, 2 INT
2013: 75 – 5.5 – 0.0, 3 QBH, 2 FF, 1 FR, 4 PD, 3 INT


Started the final seven games of his true freshman season while appearing in the other six. Started all thirteen games as a sophomore, then all twelve games he appeared in as a junior, missing the Memphis game due to injury; he earned all-conference first-team honors in 2013.


•    Possesses an ideal combination of height and weight for a defensive back prospect.
•    Will graduate having started at Louisville since the middle of his true freshman season.
•    Has been employed in various capacities, although primarily works in deep coverage.
•    Could realistically play either safety spot, used more like a free safety at Louisville.
•    Aggressive, willing tackler who can help set the tone defensively, work as enforcer.
•    Does a nice job of lining up big hits on receivers in order to separate them from the ball.
•    Doesn’t rely exclusively on big hits, also displays sound wrap tackling technique.
•    Fast enough in a straight line to avoid being exploited by receivers on deep routes.
•    Demonstrates an impressive closing burst, can generate plenty of force on contact.
•    Big and fluid enough to inspire confidence in his ability to cover tight ends in the pros.


•    Comes in too fast vs. the run at times, failing to break down, ending up out of position.
•    Tendency to administer big hits on runners may lead to costly penalties in today’s NFL.
•    Needs to get more consistent depth on his zone drops when lined up near the LOS.
•    Blows man coverage at times as a result of sitting on shorter routes, getting burned.
•    Can be successfully manipulated by quarterbacks who look him off on deep throws.


Pryor possesses prototypical size for a pro safety, with sufficient range to play deep zone, sufficient fluidity to work in man coverage, and an outstanding combination of explosiveness, power, and aggressiveness which make him a fearsome hitter. Used as more of a free safety at Louisville, Pryor could potentially assume the same role in the pros, but it’s also possible that the team which drafts him will envision him as someone who can play in the box and provide an intimidating presence versus the run. There are times when Pryor would benefit from more conservative approaches to pursuit and coverage, leading to missed tackles or blown assignments, mistakes which will likely persist as a product of his overall approach to the game, but such miscalculations are overshadowed by his well-rounded skillset, his versatility, and, perhaps most importantly, his physicality, a combination which should make him a starter.

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