6’6” – 265 lbs. – 4.80e


2010: 16 – 1.5 – 0.0, 2 QBH, 1 PD
2011: 40 – 7.0 – 4.0, 5 QBH, 6 PD, 1 FR
2012: 40 – 15.5 – 4.0, 8 QBH, 1 FF, 3 PD
2013: 82 – 21.5 – 11.5, 14 QBH, 3 FF, 3 PD


Started the first three of the eleven games he played in as a true freshman, then all thirteen games of his sophomore season and all twelve of his junior season, a year in which he earned second-team All-ACC honors from conference coaches. Was named to the all-conference first-team as a senior in 2013.


•    Has three years of starting experience, culminating in an outstanding senior campaign.
•    Production escalated sharply during his senior season, more than doubling sack total.
•    Tall, long-limbed defensive end who has added some bulk during his time in school.
•    Gets good arm extension from opposing blockers, can bat down passes at the line.
•    Capable of closing on the quarterback and securing the sack rather than the pressure.
•    Patient in the run game, stays at home to defend against cutbacks and misdirection.
•    Generally demonstrates fairly active hand use, needs more work but is encouraging.
•    Has some two-gap potential due to long arms, can make tackles away from his frame.
•    Looks like a 4-3 end but could potentially transition to five-technique with more bulk.


•    Still needs to gain more weight, has a relatively thin build, especially in his lower body.
•    Not a very powerful player, can be controlled by blockers or washed down the line.
•    Doesn’t rely on sudden movements, more of a smooth mover than an explosive one.
•    Tends to get high out of his stance, creating leverage problems exacerbated by height.
•    Pursuit angles against both the pass and run tend to be a bit narrower than they should.
•    Has dropped into coverage and slid inside on occasion, but doesn’t look good at either.


The Tar Heels have done a little bit of everything with Martin, including dropping him into coverage or sliding him inside, but as a pro he has the look for a typical 4-3 defensive end, with his height and length at this point representing his greatest strengths as a player. However, he will need to gain significant bulk, with the frame to seemingly carry up to 285 pounds or so, which could earn him some interest as a five-technique end. Given his size, he’s more coordinated and athletic than anticipated, but doesn’t play with much power and can be controlled by bigger blockers. Leverage problems are also a concern given his height and problematic pad level. Developmental backup despite his productive senior season.

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