6’6” – 319 lbs. – 5.20e


2010: 12 GP / 5 GS (OL6)
2011: 12 GP / 12 GS (RG)
2012: 12 GP / 12 GS
2013: 13 GP / 13 GS (10 RG, 3 RT)


Started five of twelve games as a true freshman, lining up as the team’s sixth offensive lineman in jumbo packages. Took over the starting right guard spot in 2011, a role which he reprised in 2012. Started ten games at right guard as a senior, three at right tackle en route to all-conference second-team recognition.


  • Graduates having been a member of Miami’s starting five for the past three seasons.
  • Massive prospect whose size and bulk would be impressive at any spot along the line.
  • Arm length allows him to avoid letting opponents get into his pads and drive him back.
  • Previous experience at right tackle and as a jumbo package lineman adds versatility.
  • Combination of anchor and grip strength allow him to stonewall defenders in pass pro.
  • Can move pretty well given his size, is not necessarily restricted to an inline scheme.
  • A bit stiff when asked to pull, but has done it often and can make it out to linebackers.
  • Not a dominant run blocker but is pretty versatile in terms of executing different blocks.
  • Drives defenders back more successfully at tackle; athleticism is adequate outside.
  • Durability is a plus, especially considering the importance of developing line chemistry.


  • Ends up overextending and consequently bending at the waist at times in the run game.
  • Falls off of a few blocks too many, those usually occurring on plays at the second level.
  • Doesn’t display much of a killer instinct, often content to seal rather than to pancake.
  • Susceptible to quick rush moves, generally sound but can be fooled by explosiveness.
  • Occasionally whiffs on his initial punch and struggles to recover, get back into position.


One of the bigger guard prospects in the class, Linder uses his massive build to his advantage, getting good arm extension in pass protection, which, coupled with his strong anchor and grip, make him a reliable blocker on passing downs. Although it doesn’t always look pretty, Linder is also capable of pulling, both on screens and in the run game, with decent success when it comes to securing second-level blocks on linebackers. In other rushing situations, he is more likely to seal defenders than to drive them into the ground, but generally gets the job done, if not with the dominance expected of a man his size. Linder functioned as an extra offensive lineman in jumbo packages during his freshman year, then played some tackle as a senior, making him an interesting swing reserve with starting potential. May make the most sense on a team like the 49ers which often works more than five offensive linemen onto the field.

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