5’11” – 200 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 19 – 0.0 – 0.0, 3 PD
2011: 60 – 0.0 – 0.0, 1 FF, 4 PD
2012: 46 – 1.5 – 0.0, 3 PD
2013: 74 – 2.5 – 0.0, 1 QBH, 1 FF, 14 PD, 1 PR TD


Played in all fourteen games as a true freshman, then became a starter in 2011, working with the first team in all eleven games he played in. Started seven of nine games played in 2012, then twelve of twelve as a senior in 2013.


•    Will graduate with nearly three years of starting experience for a major SEC program.
•    Combination of height, bulk, and speed are above-average for a cornerback prospect.
•    Also a great leaper, which allows him to cover taller receivers in jump-ball situations.
•    Has been asked to play both man and zone coverages, actually looks better in man.
•    Made some progress as a senior, getting his hands on far more passes than before.
•    When in position to disrupt passes, does a good job with his timing to avoid penalties.
•    Willing to come up and make a hit when the play comes his way, physical if not sound.
•    Confident; appears to recover quickly after he surrenders a completion in coverage.
•    Additional contributions as a punt returner give him a clear-cut role on special teams.


•    Often seems a bit slow to react to breaks, especially susceptible on crossing routes.
•    Didn’t manage to intercept any passes in his career despite starting for three seasons.
•    Gets eyes caught in the backfield in zone coverage, susceptible to play-action passes.
•    Struggles to get off of blocks as a run defender, squandering his effective anchor there.
•    Despite his physicality, will forget his tackling technique at times and dive low to trip.
•    Got hurt in each of the past three seasons, playing style looks like a contributing factor.


A three-year SEC starter, Davis appears to have most of the physical attributes teams look for in a cornerback: his height is above average for the position, he possesses a muscular physique, and his movement skills are adequate for the outside. Additionally, his aggressiveness and physicality make him a decent tackler and potential press-man corner candidate. However, his awareness in zone coverage is a bit lacking, which should limit his value to those teams, while he is noticeably better at covering outside the hashes than he is at defending against crossing patterns. He may never develop into a quality starter, but he has some tools to work with, and his previous experience as a punt returner will help him.

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