6’6” – 252 lbs. – 4.80e
2010: Redshirt
2011: 9 – 1.5 – 0.0, 1 QBH
2012: 41 – 11.0 – 7.0, 4 QBH, 3 FF, 1 PD
2013: 33 – 5.5 – 3.0, 4 QBH, 3 PD
Redshirted in 2010, then played the “Jack” position in a reserve capacity over nine games. Took over as Alabama’s “Sam” linebacker in 2012, starting in twelve of thirteen games played.
•    Will graduate with two seasons of starting experience under a legendary defensive mind.
•    Tall with solid weight and long arms, with some additional growth potential on his frame.
•    Played at 237 pounds as a redshirt freshman and has gained bulk every year since.
•    Has rushed out of a two-point stance, but also often puts his hand on the ground to rush.
•    Gets good arm extension, allowing him to stack/shed blocks with his active hand use.
•    Quick off of the snap, especially when rushing out of a three-or-four-point stance.
•    Effective on stunts and twists, does a nice job of penetrating against guards and centers.
•    Anchors well against the run, can hold his own when matched against bigger tackles.
•    Has some experience dropping into zone coverage, with the size and length to develop.
•    Intelligent, can understand and handle various different defensive responsibilities.

•    After impressing in his first season as a starter, didn’t have a productive junior campaign.
•    Build, and legs in particular, look thin and will require some time in a strength program.
•    Could be more patient in backside contain as a run defender, occasionally sucked in.
•    Gets a little bit high when making his drops, typically more of a downhill defender.
•    Tends to win more because of his aggressiveness and power than raw athletic ability.
•    Doesn’t really bend the edge too much, is generally more of a straight-line rusher.
•    Not a great tackler, more effective in terms of redirecting the play to another defender.
It may not be the best decision for Hubbard to declare after a junior season in which he was markedly less productive than he was a sophomore back in 2012, but despite his lack of impressive statistics he is a polished enough player to contribute to an NFL team sooner rather than later, given that he has been in Nick Saban’s system at Alabama for four seasons, assuming different responsibilities as the “Jack” linebacker, a defensive end/outside linebacker hybrid, while also seeing some (more limited) time as a more conventional “Sam” linebacker in even defensive fronts. His height, length, and aggressive style of play suggest that his best fit may be as a more dedicated downhill player. Something of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none.

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