6’0” – 227 lbs. – 4.60e


2010: 95 – 461 – 2 (4.9)
2011: 124 – 517 – 4 (4.2)
2012: 130 – 584 – 4 (4.5)
2013: 355 – 2,177 – 18 (6.1)


Appeared in all thirteen games as a freshman, contributing in a reserve/rotational capacity, then started seven of the ten games he appeared in as a sophomore in 2011. Started eight of the nine games he appeared in as a junior. First-team All-ACC nominee and Heisman finalist in 2013.


•    Broke out this season with an incredible campaign, earning him Heisman consideration.
•    His 2013 campaign demonstrated that he is capable of assuming a workhorse role.
•    Has a bulky, powerful build which allows him to run through opposing arm tackles.
•    Rarely tackled by the first man to have an opportunity to bring him down; determined.
•    Not afraid to lower the shoulder and run over defenders standing directly in his path.
•    Has some ability to improvise when the hole isn’t there, but will explode through lanes.
•    Decisiveness prevents him from being brought down in the backfield very frequently.
•    Good finisher who almost always falls forwards at the end of his runs for extra yards.
•    Despite his power, doesn’t seek out unnecessary contact and prefers to find openings.
•    Intelligent, has received some accolades for his academic performance/achievements.


•    Not a true breakaway threat, has some explosion but can be chased down from behind.
•    Utilizes some jukes and spins but relies much more on his power and his decisiveness.
•    His physical, assertive style of running may eventually contribute to injuries in the pros.
•    Very inexperienced in terms of both catching the ball and working in pass protection.
•    Has had recurring problems with ball security due to his tendency to fight for yardage.
•    Was nicked up a bit in previous years, missing a few games in both 2011 and in 2012.


Something of a throwback player in that he is woefully inexperienced in pass protection and caught just ten passes over four years of college, Williams nonetheless represents an appealing option to teams looking for a bruiser who can pound the ball between the tackles in an inline scheme. His combination of bulk, toughness, and power makes him a handful to bring down, with his outstanding 2013 campaign helped to allay durability concerns which cropped up over the two years previous. Will likely have to come out on passing downs, and ball-security issues could also relegate him to the bench, but his overall running style is admirable.

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