6’5” – 240 lbs. – 4.80e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 8 – 132 – 2 (16.5)
2011: 30 – 356 – 8 (11.9)
2012: 27 – 355 – 4 (13.1)
2013: 36 – 501 – 3 (13.9)


Redshirted in 2009, then started four of thirteen games played in 2010. Started seven of fourteen games the following year, and then ten of fourteen in 2012, earning first-team call-conference honors from coaches. Started eleven of eleven games played in 2013, missing some time due to a sprained knee.


•    Will graduate having started at a major college program for roughly four seasons total.
•    Taller than most flex tight ends, with adequate bulk for that type of tight end prospect.
•    Has lined up all over the field: as an inline “Y”, as a flex “F”, and also as a slot option.
•    Experienced, high-effort blocker whose effectiveness grades out above most flex guys.
•    Quick enough to get out to the second level to block (but doesn’t always make one.)
•    Also does a pretty good job when sent in motion pre-snap, securing blocks as a flex.
•    Not just a run blocker, is also occasionally retained to work as an extra pass protector.
•    Athleticism is sufficient to qualify as more than safety valve, runs some deeper routes.
•    Capable of adjusting to throws away from his frame, can catch high or low throws.


•    Thinner than you’d like in an inline tight end, would need to gain about fifteen pounds.
•    Certainly more of a wall-off blocker than someone who’s going to drive defenders back.
•    Bends at the waist occasionally while trying to secure blocks due to poor positioning.
•    Lack of ideal bulk/strength may restrict versatility a bit, won’t be an ideal inline blocker.
•    Also a bit slower than your typical flex, athleticism is average compared to most others.
•    More of an intermittent presence as a receiver than a constant threat for opponents.


A versatile college player who would fit best as an H-Back at the next level, Pederson is a decent athlete with above-average height for the position who gives good effort as a blocker, offering the ability to come in motion or get out to the second level. He probably won’t be quite as effective in any of his roles at the next level, with his blocking ability limited by a lack of ideal bulk and his receiving ability limited by a lack of ideal athleticism, but his ability to fill in adequately in various capacities should help him stick around, most likely as a team’s second or third tight end, as his time at Wisconsin has prepared him well for different responsibilities.

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