6’4” – 252 lbs. – 4.80e


2010: Redshirt
2011: 5 – 64 – 1 (12.8)
2012: 33 – 349 – 4 (10.6)
2013: 25 – 417 – 5 (16.7)


Redshirted in 2010, then started two of ten games played in 2011, missing one game due to a knee injury. Started five of twelve games played in 2012, then seven of eight games played in 2013, missing four games after breaking his wrist, an injury which required surgery.


•    Despite not being a year-long starter, was productive in each of the past two years.
•    Has adequate height for an inline option, with impressive overall bulk, strong build.
•    Lined up as an inline tight end, in the slot, and as an H-Back during his college career.
•    Runs better than anticipated given his size, capable of separating down the seam.
•    Tough player who can hold on through a hit; returned from broken wrist in four weeks.
•    Determined runner who routinely gains a little bit of yardage after the initial contact.
•    On routes over the middle, uses his frame effectively to shield defenders from the ball.
•    Solid blocking ability, whiffs on occasion but generally uses strength to his advantage.
•    Also does a nice job of blocking from the slot and blocking from motion as an H-Back.
•    Blocked on Utah’s kick-return units, creating a way to contribute early in his pro career.


•    Was in school for four years, but really only started for about one season combined.
•    A little bit shorter than a typical inline tight end at the NFL level, must be confirmed 6’4”.
•    Much more impressive in a straight line than he is a particularly agile or fluid runner.
•    Typically ran a route on passing downs (usually from slot), protection tough to evaluate.
•    Has the physical tools to become a quality blocker but needs to be more consistent.
•    Surgically-repaired broken wrist will need to be checked out medically at the Combine.


Murphy’s overall build suggests that he’ll be drafted as an inline tight end, which may happen, but with the Utes he actually fulfilled a variety of different roles, lining up in the slot almost as often as he was utilized as an inline option, with a handful of snaps per game taken as an H-Back. His strong build allows him to get good push as a blocker when he is able to line up a man, although he does whiff on occasion; additionally, he is able to come away with contested catches, hold on through contact, and often pick up a few extra yards. Although Murphy isn’t particularly agile, he is surprisingly fast in a straight line. Well-rounded potential starter.

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