6’3” – 226 lbs. – 4.50e


2011: 31 – 454 – 4 (14.6)
2012: 66 – 979 – 10 (14.8)
2013: 59 – 938 – 6 (15.9)


Started all twelve games as a true freshman in 2011, leading the team in all three major receiving categories. Started all twelve games again as a sophomore in 2012. Has a daughter.


•  Started all three seasons in college, with his last two years being his most productive.
•  Has been tested against a slew of quality cornerbacks during his time in the SEC.
•  A bit taller than the average starting receiver, with considerable bulk packed onto frame.
•  Probably won’t time much faster than 4.5 but is able to get behind defenders downfield.
•  Physical enough to come away with contested catches, including in jump-ball situations.
•  Despite his lack of elite top-end speed, has been extensively utilized on deep routes.
•  Can control his body on the sidelines, allowing him to contribute on comeback routes.
•  Runs some interesting routes, including an uncommon, effective stop-and-go pattern.
•  Explosive out of his breaks, can gain additional separation via route-running nuances.
•  Doesn’t rely on body catches, is capable of plucking the ball away from his frame.


•  Listed at 226 pounds, but doesn’t look particularly muscular, a bit of unnecessary weight.
•  It remains to be seen how well his contributions as a deep receiver would translate.
•  Not an outstanding blocker; doesn’t perform nearly as well as size would indicate.
•  Doesn’t do too much work over the middle or in terms of running shorter patterns.
•  Occasionally drops some catchable balls adjusting to throws which are a bit behind him.
•  Looks big enough to release vs. press coverage but hasn’t been tested by it much.


Moncrief is a relatively tall, thickly-built receiver who runs much better than his slightly pudgy frame would suggest, being utilized most successfully as a downfield receiver who is capable of coming down with difficult contested catches or catches through contact. He is an effective receiver down the sidelines, with a good understanding of the nuances of route-running which helps him gain separation. Despite his physicality as a receiver, he is not a particularly effective blocker, and has not been tested very much in press coverage, two things which could cause him to have a slightly longer learning curve than some other receivers. Because his game is so predicated upon getting open downfield, he will have to time well at the Combine in order to confirm his speed, otherwise teams may wonder how his game will translate to the next level.

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