6’2” – 190 lbs. – 4.50e


2009: Redshirt
2010: 20 – 289 – 3 (14.4)
2011: 55 – 933 – 8 (17.0)
2012: 49 – 837 – 5 (17.4)
2013: 78 – 1,081 – 7 (13.9)


Redshirted while working as a scout-team quarterback in 2009, then transitioned to wide receiver in 2010, appearing in thirteen games while making two starts. Started all fourteen games in 2011, then twelve more of thirteen games played in 2012. Was a first-team All-Big Ten selection in 2012 and 2013.


•    Will graduate with three years of starting experience for a major college program.
•    Possesses a nice combination of height and weight for an outside receiver in the NFL.
•    Runs a variety of different routes well, especially those in the intermediate range.
•    Demonstrates good awareness, body control when running routes near the sidelines.
•    Does a good job of catching the ball away from his frame, has a fairly wide radius.
•    Reliable hands, catches the passes he should bring in as well as some tough ones.
•    Works back to the ball rather than waiting for it to come to him, wins positioning.
•    Not afraid to go over the middle, many of his routes are deep crosses or short slants.
•    Capable of working through contact to earn his release at the line of scrimmage.
•    Has some shiftiness with the ball in his hands, has been successful on screens.


•    Lacks elite speed, relies more on savvy, precise route-running for his separation.
•    Not a receiver who ends up burning many people on “go” routes down the field.
•    Ultimately, will probably end up as more of a number two receiver at the next level.
•    Fearless style of play may contribute to injuries over time, takes some big hits.
•    Gives good effort as a blocker but isn’t strong enough to be a major factor.


Abbrederis lacks the elite physical tools characteristic of a true number-one receiver, but is a highly-polished, savvy receiver who gains good separation via his routes and whose hands are reliable enough to earn the confidence of a quarterback quickly. Having produced against some of the best defensive backs in the Big Ten for the past three seasons, he has been well-tested, which, combined with his attention to detail, should make teams feel confident in his ability to make immediate contributions. Profiles as a productive starting receiver at the next level and something of a known quantity at what is typically a rather speculative position.

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