5’10” – 195 lbs. – 4.50e


2010: 10 – 0.0 – 0.0, 1 INT
2011: 91 – 1.5 – 0.0, 1 QBH, 2 PD, 4 INT
2012: 77 – 3.5 – 0.0, 2 FF, 4 PD, 2 INT
2013: 67 – 3.5 – 1.0,4 PD, 4 INT


Worked as a slot man and kick returner in 2010, playing in nine of thirteen possible games. Started every game in each of the following three seasons, totaling thirty-nine games, being named a team captain prior to his junior year, with second-team recognition that year as well.


•    Will graduate having started for each of the past three seasons in a major conference.
•    Overall combination of height and bulk are adequate; has played a bit heavier (’10-’11.)
•    Overall temperament, confidence, and energy are desirable for a pro defensive back.
•    Rangy center-fielder who combines movement skills and diagnostic abilities effectively.
•    When he’s not aligned deep, comes down into the slot and looks comfortable there.
•    Soft hands to make the interception; has picked off eleven passes over college career.
•    Closes well once he’s made a read, comes flying in to make a tackle from time to time.
•    Not afraid to come in and mix it up against the run despite only adequate size/bulk.
•    In addition to playing deep, also works in the slot often, and covers/returned kickoffs.


•    Probably not someone who can also play strong safety effectively, a strict free safety.
•    Height, bulk, strength are insufficient to line up against pro tight ends in man coverage.
•    His aggressiveness sometimes works against him, can be caught out of position deep.
•    Inconsistent technique, will often opt for the big hit rather than making an effort to wrap.
•    Also tends to come in too fast, fail to break down in the open field, and miss the tackle.


Parker is a player who succeeds because he complements his athleticism with an energetic, aggressive style of play, but that eagerness to make a big play is also his biggest weakness, suggesting that it will be difficult to exorcise his weaknesses without taking away some of what made him successful to begin with. Parker is a confident, rangy center-fielder with quality ball skills, and who also worked extensively in the slot, with his additional special-teams contributions suggesting an early niche for him to assume at the next level. However, in an effort to make the big play, he often appears to be playing out of control, coming in too fast to make a tackle, abandoning his technique, or being caught out of position downfield by attempting to make an early decision. Nonetheless, he remains one of the most athletic safety prospects in the draft, which should earn him consideration early on the draft’s third day.

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