6’2” – 260 lbs. – 4.80e


2010: 10 – 0.5 – 0.0
2011: 84 – 5.0 – 1.5
2012: 108 – 3.0 – 0.0, 3 QBH, 4 PD
2013: 98 – 12.5 – 4.5, 7 QBH, 3 FF, 1 FR (1 TD), 1 PD


Appeared in all thirteen games as a true freshman, appearing on defense and special teams. Started eleven of thirteen games played the following season, then all thirteen games as a junior in 2012 and as a senior in 2013, earning second-team all-conference honors both years.


•    Will graduate having been a productive three-year starter with escalating production.
•    Possesses outstanding bulk for a linebacker prospect, combined with adequate height.
•    More athletic than his bulk would indicate, capable of making it out to the boundaries.
•    Combination of size and average/above-average athleticism offers scheme versatility.
•    Strong wrap tackler, can put some pop behind his hits but remembers fundamentals.
•    Good at navigating congested areas, doesn’t always have to take on opposing blocks.
•    Also has been an effective blitzer, contributed much more in that regard as a senior.


•    Not quite as tall as most organizations would prefer from middle/inside linebackers.
•    Doesn’t anchor or eat blocks quite as well as his size would indicate, better at avoiding.
•    May be victimized if asked to defend against opposing running backs or tight ends.
•    Takes some aggressive angles in pursuit which will require revision at the next level.
•    Will probably be limited to playing on the inside in the NFL, not much value elsewhere.
•    From his typical zone drops, wasn’t able to get his hands on many passes at Louisville.


Brown has started over the past three seasons at Louisville after working as a reserve/special-teams contributor as a freshman in 2010. A thickly-built middle linebacker with above-average athleticism and surprisingly smooth movement skills give his size, Brown is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none who doesn’t have any major weaknesses on the field, but is a fairly rangy run defender with sound tackling technique who has also contributed as a blitzer and made some zone drops. At the next level, Brown may not offer teams an appealing every-down contributor, as his height and speed may prove problematic against some of the league’s tight ends, but represents a productive developmental candidate for teams seeking an inside linebacker, especially in a 3-4. However, Brown must also improve his ability to stack and shed blockers, as he currently favors attempting to shoot gaps, struggling a bit when asked to discard opposing linemen. Has a good chance of drawing interest fairly early on the third day.

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