6’2” – 250 lbs. – 4.85e


2010: 82 – 11.5 – 8.5, 3 FF, 4 BK (Nebraska-Omaha)
2011: 99 – 4.5 – 2.5, 2 QBH, 1 FF, 1 FR (1 TD), 3 PD, 1 INT (1 TD)
2012: 67 – 7.5 – 3.5, 2 QVH, 2 FF, 1 PD, 1 INT (1 TD)
2013: 80 – 20.5 – 12.0, 6 QBH, 4 FF, 2 PD, 1 INT, 3 BK


Started ten of eleven games played at Nebraska-Omaha, then transferred to Colorado St. in 2011, after the former closed its football program. As a sophomore, started eleven of twelve games played, starting ten of twelve in the following year. Started all fourteen games as a senior, earning conference Defensive Player of the Year honors, as well as first-team recognition. Married with two sons.


•    Will graduate having started for all four seasons in school, three at Colorado State.
•    Adequate height and impressive bulk for the position, added ten pounds in school.
•    Could realistically project to outside linebacker in a 3-4 or defensive end in a 4-3.
•    Already experienced working as a stand-up pass rusher in an odd defensive front.
•    Has also worked as a traditional defensive end, rushing from a three-point stance.
•    Strong enough to take on blocks and scrape down the line when supporting the run.
•    Active hand use, does a good job of getting arm extension, disengaging from blocks.
•    Mixes in an effective inside move to complement his primary option, the bull rush.


•    Somewhat shorter than is considered ideal for a rush linebacker prospect in a 3-4.
•    A bit stiff in his movements, more of a downhill player with marginal coverage value.
•    Also lacks extensive experience in coverage, almost always functioned as a rusher.
•    Straight-line speed also restricts range, probably a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme.
•    Bend isn’t too bad, but lacks the ability to beat pro tackles to the edge consistently.
•    When sidestepped in the pocket, has trouble redirecting back to the quarterback.


Barrett, a four-year starter in college, enjoyed his most productive season as a senior, flourishing as essentially a designated pass rusher, alternating between working as an outside linebacker and a defensive end en route to twelve sacks. Although he’s not someone whose explosiveness, length, or athleticism will warrant early-round interest, he combines his bull rush with a nice inside move and effective run defense, which should earn him late-round consideration from teams looking for a bulky, no-frills rusher with prior experience working out of a two-point stance. Looks more like a backup strongside “elephant” linebacker or left end.

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