5’11” – 215 lbs. – 4.45e


2011: 185 – 850 – 5 (4.6) (Georgia)
2012: 159 – 842 – 15 (5.3) (Alabama St.)
2013: 170 – 1,121 – 7 (6.6)


Began his career at the University of Georgia. Started seven of twelve games played, being suspended for a game at one point, then was dismissed from the team after being arrested on weapons charges which were later dropped. Transferred to Alabama St., where he started for each of the past two seasons.


•    Was productive in all three seasons of his college career, with escalating production.
•    Combination of height and bulk are in line with typical NFL starters at the position.
•    Does a good job of following his blocks, with strong vision at the second level as well.
•    Smooth accelerator, gets up to speed quickly; fast enough to hit some home runs.
•    Agile runner who makes sharp cuts and navigates well through congested spaces.
•    Doesn’t seek out contact but is fairly powerful and can break tackles or move the pile.
•    Almost always falls forward to finish runs, gaining an extra yard or two in the process.
•    Looks like he could be a workhorse but hasn’t accumulated too much tread on his tires.
•    Has been praised for having improved his behavior since arriving at Alabama State.


•    Escalating production can be attributed to moving from the SEC to an FCS program.
•    Has never been a major contributor in the passing game, doesn’t catch the ball well.
•    Also didn’t work very often in blitz pickup, seemed to struggle to withstand initial jolt.
•    Character will require considerable investigation following disciplinary/drug/legal issues.
•    Work ethic, toughness have also been questioned in the past, particularly at Georgia.


One of the most talented runners in the class, Crowell would likely have been one of the first runners off the board this year had various character concerns not caused his dismissal from Georgia’s program; at this point, it would come as no surprise if he were to go undrafted, and it seems likely that he will be removed from multiple draft boards. However, that Crowell is expected to be such an ignored commodity also makes him one of the draft’s top low-risk, high-reward selections and could earn him a spot toward the end of the draft, particularly in a running back class which is considered relatively weak. Crowell’s combination of size, speed, agility, and burst should prompt considerable investigation into his character, as his evaluation, more than almost any other prospect in the class, will come down to whether or not teams feel that he’ll be able to behave himself once he reaches the NFL.

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