6’0” – 215 lbs. – 4.60e


2010: 9 – 119 – 0 (University of Miami)
2011: Redshirt (Transfer)
2012: 113 – 507 – 4 (4.5), 10 – 20 – 0 (2.0) receiving
2013: 213 – 1,139 – 14 (5.3), 30 – 260 – 3 (8.7) receiving


Spent one season at Miami, appearing in ten games in a limited capacity before sitting out the following season, 2011, while transferring to Central Florida. Became part of the Knights’ running back rotation as a redshirt sophomore, finishing second on the team in yards. Earned a spot on the all-conference first team last year before declaring for the draft.


•    Enjoyed a productive junior season and declared before accumulating too much tread.
•    Possesses a prototypical combination of height and weight for an NFL feature back.
•    Powerful runner who’s capable of breaking tackles, gaining yards after initial contract.
•    Smooth accelerator who doesn’t have true home-run speed but is faster than he looks.
•    Won’t try to bounce runs outside unnecessarily but is capable of getting to the edge.
•    Doesn’t waste much time dancing around in the backfield, hits the hole pretty quickly.
•    Established himself as a reliable checkdown option out of the backfield as a junior.


•    Only spent one season as a feature back, didn’t prove he could duplicate his success.
•    Vision’s not outstanding, can make his initial cut but often ends up running into contact.
•    Took a lot of big hits because of his size, also doesn’t always get low/minimize target.
•    For a bigger runner, he gets caught in the backfield for a loss surprisingly regularly.
•    Wasn’t asked to block very much and exhibited questionable awareness when he was.
•    Reportedly involved in an off-field incident at Miami; was also criticized by Al Golden.
•    How will he handle hard coaching and a committee or reserve role at the NFL level?


Johnson seems to have declared at the right time, joining a relatively weak running back class and avoiding a senior season in which he would have drawn much more attention from opposing defenses following Blake Bortles’ departure. Given the fact that running backs seemingly have shorter careers than almost any other position, Johnson did well to capitalize on a successful junior campaign. A hard runner with prototypical size and bulk and underrated top-end speed, he should be able to find a spot in the fourth or fifth round with an organization which is willing to take a chance on his character. Having declared as a junior, he still requires considerable development in terms of his vision and, more conspicuously, his awareness and technique in pass protection, something he was rarely asked to do at Central Florida.

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