6’3” – 244 lbs. – 4.83


  • Possesses an adequate combination of height, weight, and speed for the position.
  • Has the lower-body strength to anchor against blockers, gives decent fits vs. run.
  • Plays with physicality, intensity, not a finesse player; willing, able to eat blocks.
  • Solid hit-and-wrap tackler with some forcefulness while remembering technique.
  • Looks comfortable in coverage drops both athletically and in terms of technique.
  • Wasn’t limited to the inside, also regularly played a bit of strongside linebacker.
  • Could realistically fit into either defensive front, with three or four down linemen.
  • Temperamentally-suited to special teams and could become a core player there.


  • Would likely have to add a bit of additional bulk to play inside in a three-man front.
  • Gets a bit too aggressive in zone coverage; susceptible to fakes, double moves.
  • Grabby when asked to cover running backs, is at risk of being flagged for holding.
  • Doesn’t do as good a job of disengaging from blockers, seems to waste efforts.
  • Occasionally guilty of overrunning plays and getting sealed, especially outside.
  • Blitzed on occasion but isn’t dynamic there, whether on inside or outside rushes.
  • Instincts are average, would likely be best hidden in a scheme with simple reads.


A top-heavy, thickly-built linebacker who did a little bit of everything at Penn State, Carson has the look of a priority free agent or late-round pick whose build and aggressiveness could get him consideration from teams in both defensive fronts, although he would probably be better playing in a scheme which allowed him to play downhill rather than having to make reads, an area where he must make improvements. In an effort to make splash plays, Carson often overruns the play, gets sealed, or is convinced by play-fakes and misdirection; more discipline will be required in order for him to work his way onto the field defensively. Additionally, despite his size and strength, he doesn’t do a great job of shedding blocks, with underwhelming hand-use in that regard. Would be best on special teams, where he appears to be a strong fit given his mental makeup; however, may never contribute more than that.

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