6’4” – 267 lbs. – 4.75e

Got a lot of run at left end last year because of the presence of Chris Smith, a fifth-round pick in 2014; however, the two also swapped sides regularly throughout the season. Has above-average height and adequate bulk for a pro defensive end. May not have top-end change-of-direction skills and is a bit stiff (plays on skates at times), but has adequate top-end speed. Can generate some push with his bull rush in passing situations. Does a nice job shedding blocks thanks to his active hand use in the run game, with the type of anchor expected given his frame. Stays low and avoids getting stood up on the play. Capable of chipping backs and tight ends on passing plays. Very linear rusher who can get upfield but doesn’t exhibit much bend; can be steered past the quarterback. Lacks creativity and nuance, relying heavily on a bull rush; frequently stays engaged by a blocker throughout the play. Doesn’t win many battles outright with his initial burst; more of a garbage-sack accumulator. Will require considerable development before he is able to threaten pro blockers with either his speed or his power. Hasn’t incorporated any sort of speed rush, dip, rip, swim, or spin as a rusher. As a run defender, gets impatient in backside contain and can be sucked in by counters and misdirection; generally locates the ball well, but jumps the gun and finds himself taken advantage of. Lunges often and is a leaky tackler in general, although he creates pop on initial contact. Has taken some snaps out of a two-point stance, but his effectiveness in that regard remains a mystery at this point, although he could draw consideration from teams in odd fronts, especially those with two-gap systems who may not be as put off by his lack of a repertoire of pass-rush moves. Potential is there for him to offer something in the passing game, as he flashes the ability to toss quality tackles aside in the run game (see Texas A&M ’13), but somehow hasn’t been able to apply his hand-use and strength to anything approximating the same effect on passing downs. Future is most likely as a left end in an even defensive front, with the potential to break into a team’s rotation if he ever develops a few moves as a rusher. Not as good a prospect as either Smith or 2012 third-round pick Jake Bequette.

Games watched: Louisiana-Lafayette (’13), Southern Mississippi (’13), Texas A&M (’13)

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