6’1” – 244 lbs. – 4.85e

Two-time team captain. Has some experience as an outside linebacker, but most frequently played in the middle and physically projects best there at the pro level as well. Has a fairly thick build given his height, but isn’t quite big enough to be considered a prototypical thumper on the strong side in an odd front. Generally patient in diagnosing plays; avoids selling out for a particular play, but has a hard time recovering if he waits too long and is forced to pursue from the backside. Range is constrained by average athletic ability. Doesn’t take many false moves; skilled at sniffing out misdirection. At his best when asked to play downhill; forceful, reliable tackler. Impressive tackling radius given long arms; breaks down well in space. Has been employed as an edge rusher, where he flashes an effective dip move; however, is more likely to create pressure than to finish due to his lack of elite closing ability. Possesses decent straight-line speed; does a serviceable job when asked to cover slot receivers on shallow crosses, but lacks the agility to maintain tight coverage out of breaks. Might be able to fit in either defensive front; played in a lot of three-man fronts with the Huskies. Coverage responsibilities may have to be scaled down at the pro level; would do best on shallow spot-drops and given spy responsibilities rather than lining up in man coverage against backs, receivers, or tight ends. Can be exploited on seam routes. A bit finesse when it comes to take on blocks; will opt for indirect routes to the ball rather than actively engaging blockers. Does a decent job of anchoring at the point of attack, but gets overwhelmed on stretch plays when opponents can attack his shoulder. The type of player who gets by on intangibles and won’t embarrass himself on the field, but who doesn’t project as a playmaker at the pro level. With what looks like a nearly maxed-out frame and average athletic ability, lacks the upside of some of the class’ other linebacker prospects and upside may be that of a two-down run defender whose deficiencies in terms of speed and fluidity are masked by limited responsibilities. Has plenty of coverage experience but isn’t effective enough in that capacity to represent a long-term solution to teams seeking sub-package reinforcements.

Games watched: Brigham Young (’13), Oregon (’13), Washington (’13)

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